Our responsibility

    In LMA,
    we care.

    LMA Tailoring Responsibility

    We cannot predict where
    we will be in the future,
    but we work everyday
    for a better tomorrow.

    We strive to be the most innovative company on product design, sustainable processes, and controlled materials.

    We are recognized for our visionary spirit and the constant search for high technology, making us revolutionary in the many sectors of the textile world.

    We care about
    our people

    We’re a passionate group of tailoring technology experts who believes that a diverse and empowered team is the key to achieving our mission of success, whilst benefitting our people. We believe in offering fair compensation, justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

    We care about
    our stakeholders

    Our corporate management ensures that we consider the interests of our stakeholders — workers, customers, suppliers, community and sectorial associations — in our decision-making process.

    We care about
    our partnerships

    We team up locally, nationally, and internationally with a wide range of partners, including public and private associations of textile industry, as well as with academic institutions.

    We care about
    our industry

    When we work with passionate people, it enables creativity and innovation. Passion accelerates the ability and we are prepared to accept and win over all obstacles with creative solutions, generating added value for our customers. And so we naturally grow.

    We care about
    our community

    We understand that a positive community impact requires a conscious and collective effort, while we may lead busy lives, helping the community is something that one should always make time for, it generates happiness.

    We care about
    our mother nature

    Climate action starts at the source of the materials we choose. From farm to factory, we locate the finest natural materials, and partner with skilled and responsible yarns suppliers.

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