Our technology

Smooth beneath,
strong outside.

Our production diversity
makes us an global
reference in the knitted
and woven fabrics.

LMA is the only company in the European textile sector with the technical ability to execute every existent textile structure.

Through it’s design, production plan and quality control laboratory, LMA is able to keep pace with the latest trends and innovations. We work with passionate people, we empower creativity and innovation which made a name for ourselves in the global market.


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  • 🇦🇹 Austria

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our brand for technical
performance woven
fabrics and knits.

Alitecno® is the registered trademark of LMA for our woven fabrics and knits with technical performance in the areas of Sport, Workwear and Safety, Automotive, Decorating and Advertising-Digital Printing.

We want our brand to exclusively identify the commercial source of our products so that the customer can identify their supply, allowing them to distinguish our fabrics from others similiar on the market.


Our purpose is
to continue to innovate
in technical textiles

We believe in the use of raw materials with new combinations to create a collection of articles made of synthetic and natural fibers, improved by high performance technical finishing.

Each innovative material we introduce unlocks a set of creative processes, not only in terms of new applications and shapes, but also in search of better and more individualized lifestyles which may improve comfort and quality of life.


  • 2022

    P8578 - ISPO Awards

    Top 10

  • 2022

    P7555 - ISPO Textrends

    Top 10

  • 2022

    P0707/21 - ISPO Textrends


  • 2022

    P0517/22/8578 - ISPO Textrends


  • 2022

    P0522/22/7397 - ISPO Textrends


  • 2022

    P0736/22 - ISPO Textrends


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